PTRE Incubation Center

Background Information

Moi University is a public institution of higher learning established by an Act of Parliament of 1984. Moi University under the ACE II Project applied for the IUCEA call in collaboration with other partners.  Won the award of the grant US $ 25,0000 which has to date been received. The incubation centre focuses on three key areas; photochemical, textile and renewable energy enterprises. Given that Manufacturing has been identified in the Kenya Vision 2030 as a key driver to economic growth. Africa’s sustained growth, competitiveness and economic transformation require sustained investment in new technologies and continuous innovation. Developing innovative and technologically based infrastructure is critical to the attainment of Africa’s sustained growth agenda (STISA-2024). The need for a high number of diversified skilled personnel in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are necessary for development.

The IC seeks to develop skills and competences in the areas of phytochemicals, textile and renewable energy. Some of the challenges the IC seeks to address are; Lack of entrepreneurial and innovative culture among the university stakeholders, Limited innovative and entrepreneurship, cross-sector linkages, collaborations and partnerships, Low awareness on intellectual property and technology transfer, Limited understanding of avenues and technologies to support enhanced production and commercialization experience, supply chain support access to capital and linkages to markets, insufficient support mechanisms for entrepreneurs to navigate through regulatory environment by reducing their compliance costs, lengthy time, and access to resources, Limited data and information for stakeholders and policy makers interested in new ways of creating and growing innovative and technology-based businesses to take advantage.

Vision of PTRE IC

To be a catalyst for the creation of internationally competitive, vibrant and sustainable Phyotochemicals, textile and renewable energy enterprises.

Mission of PTRE IC

Innovations driven university incubator that provides targeted incubation support for high potential and transformative technology-oriented entrepreneurial solutions converting them into internationally competitive products through access to techno-managerial mentorship and industry partnerships that focuses on promotion of knowledge-based industries; technology development and transfer; and enterprise development thereby generating employment and wealth.

Overall Goal

Our goal is to inspire, mentor, support and cultivate successful technology-oriented enterprises for economic growth through development and commercialization of students’, academia and community inventions.


Our philosophy is anchored on Moi University’s pragmatic philosophy. It is focused on the processes of discovery, scientific inquiry, innovation and commercialisation which will inform all aspects of the PTRE-IC.

Core Values

The core values of the PTRE-IC are anchored on those of Moi University and ACE II project. The IC will embody and promote the following values:
  • Professionalism
  • Innovativeness
  • Courtesy
  • Integrity and Accountability
  • Quality and Excellence
  • Teamwork
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